Why choose Emporos Capital

Why choose Emporos Capital ?

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    Learn the basics of the stock market, how to choose and configure professionnal softwares.

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    We show you step by step how to become a profitable and independent trader. Learn the tools and methods we use on a daily basis.

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LTI Program


The LTI course showed me how to analyse stocks and various long term strategies. This course is for beginners and advanced traders willing to learn and upper their knowledge on long term investing. The pedagogical quality and structure of the videos makes JB’s name. I learned some new tools to scan stocks and take positions to build my portfolio while protecting my capital. An excellent course, I strongly recommend.

LTI Program


The LTI is a quality well structured course. JB explains key long term investing concepts through numerous explainer videos. The course allows newbies to choose securities in which they can invest. After basic explanations to long term investing such as types of securities, the course explains the different type of ratios used for analysis and portfolio construction while respecting risk management rules.

LTI Program


The LTI course made me understand what really got markets moving in the long term. Like the scalping training, all infos provided are very pertinent, not a minute of video is boring, the course is straight to the point and answers all questions. Thanks again JB for having created these courses allowing individuals trade with the same tools as professional.

LTI Program


The LTI course brought me a lot. I wanted to constitute myself a long term portfolio and this training was a must for me to learn to invest like a pro!